Factions are large coalitions of players or NPCs acting under one ruler.


The Faction known as Thrive, is a secretive military operation operated by ex-Gretero Solutions commanders. The Thrive build equipment with stolen schematics from Gretero and FreeTech innovations.

Operatives of this faction adheer to strict base, ship and attack protocols.

Thrive members only attack when provoked.


The faction known as Tarnished, led by shunned ex-ceo of Gretero Solutions, Lei Trell, has been steadily gaining influence in BattleVerse as a force to be reckoned with.

The Tarnished do not adheer to standard base rules, and instead work together to create highly defended outposts, with their own proprietary technology, in combination with Gretero & Freetech technology they have salvaged.

Tarnished rarely launch fleets, preferring to stay within their fortifications, salvaging the wrecks of defeated foes.

Successfully assaulting Tarnished Strongholds can yield great rewards.